Why You Should Update Your Website Content Every Quarter

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Why You Should Update Your Website Content Every Quarter

When was the last time you updated your website content? Last week, month, year??

If you have not updated your website content in the last 3 months then you need to think about how you can put a plan into place to ensure your website content IS kept up-to-date, relevant and fresh, and here is why…

SEO Benefit

Google loves fresh new content and if it spots that your website content is being updated regularly then it may rank your website higher. This is because Google wants to show users the most relevant, current and up-to-date content it can to ensure searchers are getting the answers to their questions first time around.

Fresh content can be in the form of new blog articles, or it can be in the form of updating the static page content on your products and services pages or about page. Whatever you do could make a difference to your search rankings if you alter and amend the content in the right way.


Conversion Rate Optimisation

How can you tell if your site is performing at its optimum capacity if you do not change and test your website layouts and content?

We recently updated our whole site design – we like to do this every year to ensure our website is bang up-to-date with the latest web design trends and also to bring it inline with where we are as a business. We also update the website content, tweak the design, change things around, add new features and take some away at least once every 3 months, to test and see what works best in terms of getting the most amount of leads coming in.

By amending the website layout and content slightly we can track and monitor the change in enquiries, bounce rates, time spent on the website and other metrics to ensure that we optimise our website to the fullest. If we left it the same for 18 months and it was only performing at 50% of what it could do we would love hundreds of thousands of pounds of business a year – are you?

Keep Visitors Informed & Impress New Prospects

If you have a blog on your website then it is very important to keep this up-to-date not only for SEO purposes, but also for a couple of other very important reasons. 1 is to keep your website visitors informed of what is happening with your business and to pass on relevant news articles or events. 2 is to ensure that new visitors to your website see that your business is busy, has lots going on and that you are still in business – having the latest blog post from 18 months ago doesn’t look great to potential new customers.

Move With The Times & Trends

Keeping your website the same for 1,2 or even 3 years simply puts you behind your competition who are having new sites developed, or are updating their own sites like we suggest. If you do not change anything on your website this also gives off a very static and stale impression to your current customer base and also potential customers who are looking to do business in your sector.

If you move with the times and follow the latest trends you can set your website apart from your competition and stay one step ahead. By adding video content to your website, improving the design and layout of your site, updating your blog on a monthly basis or optimising your site specifically for SEO your website will become much more than a simple shop window – it will become the heart of your digital marketing strategy and will bring in a lot more business.


OK So How Do I Do All This?

If you are looking to have your website content updated but simply do no have the time or the know how – then our digital marketing and development team can help do this for you.

We can offer a range of services from:

  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • A/B testing to improve lead conversion
  • Website design updates and amendments
  • New website pages created
  • Photo gallery updates
  • Testimonial and review updates
  • Content updated and improved for SEO
  • Seasonal website graphic changes
  • Detailed website analytics analysis


So if you are interested in having our team look over your website and provide a strategic website maintenance plan then get in touch on 01782 499399 or email hello@foamymedia.com and we can arrange a meeting to discuss our plans in more detail with you and your team.

Do NOT leave your website static and unchanged – keep it fresh, up-to-date and make it earn money for you!

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