Why You Don’t Always Have To Be Number One On Google To Get More Traffic

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Why You Don’t Always Have To Be Number One On Google To Get More Traffic

Being number one on Google for your chosen keywords is everyones dream scenario as it is proven if you are number one you will get a higher percentage of people coming to your website; and this should result in more business.

However if you are number 1 for lets say 10 keywords and do not rank very highly for anything else then this will actually bring in less website traffic and less business than if you ranked number 10 for 50 keywords.

How Can This Be?

This is a graph showing the number of clicks to one of our clients website over the past 30 days. As you can see the overall trend is that there are more daily clicks the further along the chart goes.

This means that each day the client is receiving more clicks from search engine results.


This graph shows the relationship between the number of clicks to the website and the number of impressions the website has on Google each day.

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that the more impressions you have (the more times you show up on google search) the more clicks you will get as you will always get a percentage of the clicks whether you are position 1 or position 20.


This graphic shows the correlation between clicks, impressions and the overall click through rate.

Now if you notice the yellow line is actually going down over time, which means the click through rate is dropping. The click through rate is calculated by dividing the number of impressions by the number of clicks.


So if the website is seen 100 times and gets 10 clicks it has a 10% click through rate.

Now it doesn’t matter that the click through rate is dropping as the total number of clicks is actually going up. The reason it is dropping is that the impressions are increasing as the site is now showing up for hundreds of different search results but at a lower position.

So the site is now being found for around 1000 searches on page 1-2 where as before it was only showing up for 200-300 searches on page 1-2.

Why Position Isn’t Everything

This chart shows the average position for the client’s website search terms, and as you can see the graph has remained pretty steady and horizontal. Therefore the average position has not increased – and you may think this is bad…

But it is not…

The average position has stayed the same but MANY MANY more keywords are now showing up on the first page than before which means the number of impressions has increased and as a result the number of clicks has increased.

Try Rank For Hundreds Of Keywords & Not Just A Few

The more keywords you can get on to the first page of Google the better, as you will get more impressions and therefore more clicks to your website from long tail or related keywords.

If you concentrate on only a small number of keywords you maybe number 1 for all of them, however you will get less overall website traffic and could be losing out on business.

So the overall message here is do not focus on being number 1 – however of course this is nice – focus on being on page 1 for hundreds of keywords as this will give you a much bigger audience and bring in better results than being number 1 for a few niche keywords.

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