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Foamy Media & AED Donate Featured In The Stoke Sentinel

Web design agency Foamy Media has helped to increase donations to a charity – after building a new website.

The Hanley firm gifted the site to AED Donate, based in Stone, after being approached by the charity.

The new website boasts features including a payment gateway and gift aid as well as a simplified process of posting photographs, blog and events.

foamy media

Foamy Media managing director Stuart Cookney said: “The website took us a number of months to develop but we have now introduced new areas where the charity can promote events, post photos and add gift aid to payments.

“Before this project, we were never really affiliated with a particular charity, but when we heard about what AED Donate do we were really keen to get involved.”

AED Donate supports local communities to raise funds for defibrillators.

Chief executive Jamie Richards said: “We can’t thank Foamy Media enough for their generous offer to build our new website. The website offers a simple and easy to use payment gateway that makes donating so much simpler and we can also add gift aid to payments.

“Since the website has gone live, traffic has been much higher, resulting in more fundraising campaigns coming on board.

“More campaigns means more defibrillators placed out into the local community.”

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