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Social Media Advertising Packages

Facebook is one of the best platforms to promote your business, however it can be very difficult to get value for money if you try and do this yourself due to the complexity needed to set up a simple campaign.

We are now able to offer fixed fee social media advertising campaigns which are super cost effective, give guaranteed results and give you clarity of results even before we start - so how much does it cost?

Example pricing below - but we offer a price based on your exact needs.

Reach 50,000 people = £330+vat

Reach 250,000 people = £1,650+vat

We are able to offer fixed and guaranteed social media results and pricing based on the above price points. The benefit of this to any business is that you know if you buy 10,000 impressions then you know you are going to get them!

We do NOT use fake traffic, robots, spam accounts, fake the results - We offer REAL and targetted users to put your message in front of who are likely to interact with your brand.

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Our Social Media Advertising Process


We work with you to determind what your main objective is - either to get more website traffic or to promote your brand to as many people as possible. Once we have the objective we can give you accurate pricing.


We are able to give you accurate and fixed pricing on all social media advertising campaigns as we have worked out the best and most cost effective price points for website traffic and brand awareness and so pass this on to our clients.

Campaign Set-up

Our team of in-house UK based social media advertising specialists will create the advertising campaigns for you, choose a very targetted audience who will interact with your message and then monitor the performance of the ad campaigns.


We use dedicated social media advertising system to monitor all adverts and track their performance across the length of the campaign. This ensures we are constantly monitoring and optimising the right content at the right time to get the best results.

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How Does Facebook Advertising Work?

Foamy Media have been creating Facebook advertising campaigns for ourselves and client accounts for over 4 years and in this time we have learnt a lot in relation to what works and what does not work when it comes to designing and creating engaging advertising campaigns.

Facebook offers a wide range of social media advertising campaign types along with a very detailed targeting model which makes it a super effective platform to get your business message out there.

With our fixed fee social media advertising campaigns we can design, setup and manage your Facebook advertising campaign and get much better results than you could possibly do yourself. This is due in part to our expertise, and also in part to our access to the official Facebook business management tools which allow us more detailed user targeting.

When we set up a Facebook advertising campaign we are able to choose an objective, design the creative ad, set the target audience and then set how much roughly we want to pay for each interaction. This means we have full control over the whole campaign from start to finish, which puts advertising on Facebook in a very unique and attractive place.

What Can I Do With Facebook Advertising?

With our Foamy Media fixed social media advertising packages you can choose from 2 objectives. One is to get more traffic to your website and the other is to place your advert into the news feed of an many people as possible.

If you are looking to generate more traffic to your website, in the hope of getting more sales or leads then we are able to do this for you, at a great cost and much cheaper than if you advertised with Google or Bing. We are able to do this as Facebook offers a lower cost per click generally which makes its great advertising platform.

Increasing traffic to your website is a great way to generate sales and leads, and with our fixed advertising package you know exactly how many people you are going to get to your website for the money you spend – and this is unique!

The other form of advertising which we can offer on a fixed fee pricing point is “brand awareness” and this is similar to advertising in print media or having a TV ad or billboard. We set up the advert campaign and push it in front of as many people as possible who are most likely to interact or remember your brand message, however you may not get direct sales or enquiries from it – it should be seen as more of a long term branding exercise.

facebook advertising

How Much Traffic Can You Get To My Website & For How Much?

We can generate as little or as much traffic to your website as you like, it is all down to budget. As we have a fixed fee pricing plan you pay exactly the same no matter what your business is, how many people you want to get to your website or what your target market is.

We are able to do this as we know roughly what the average cost per click is for a Facebook advertising campaign based on our own campaign spends over the last 2 years and so we can pass on this pricing model to our clients.

We chose this pricing model as it gives 100% clarity from the offset as to what you are going to get, you will get that level of traffic for that price no matter what. This model means that sometimes we may lose money on a campaign as the cost is higher than we expected, but this is sometimes offset by campaigns which work out cheaper than expected for us to run.

Is The Traffic Fake?

Absolutely NOT there is no fake traffic, we do not use robots, we do not use people in India clicking on the adverts and we do not fake the results.

Your traffic will be very targeted to your business and we work very hard to get this targeting super accurate as we know the more accurate the audience the more engaged they are with the adverts and therefore the lower the cost per click is to bring it inline with what we are charging.

If anything the traffic you get to your website will be much better than you would be able to achieve doing the advertising campaign yourself.

How Does The Brand Awareness Campaign Work?

With a brand awareness Facebook advertising campaign we give you a fixed number of people who will see your advert over a given time for a set price. The audience is again very targeted to your exact customer demographic and we work very hard on getting the advertising creative and message on point so that it is rememberable and also engaging.

With a brand awareness campaign you may not get direct sales straightaway but you will increase your business’ exposure and you will see an increase in sales in the long term. It works very similar to having a TV advert or placing an ad on a billboard or having a radio campaign – the more times people see your brand the more likely they are to remember it and therefore the more likely they are to buy from you or recommend you to a friend.

Brand awareness campaigns work really well as you can reach a massive audience for a very low price – much cheaper than advertising on the radio or having a billboard for a couple of weeks.

facebook advertising

Why Can’t I Do This Myself?

You can do this yourself, however do you know how?

If the answer is yes and you have been experimenting with Facebook advertising then maybe our packages are not right for you, however we would always recommend letting us take control of a campaign so you can see the difference we can make.

We worked with a local estate agent who was very active with Facebook advertising and was spending a good amount per month and getting a good return – however we got them 30% more traffic for the same amount of money!

So you can do this yourself but can you get the same results we can?


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