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SEO Company London

So you are have searched for “SEO company London” and you arrived at our website! This is great news for us and also great news for you, and here is why.

We are not actually based in London but we are an SEO company. We are based in Stoke-on-Trent, which is around 166miles away, however, do not let this fact put you off from reading more.

You are looking for an SEO company to, we presume, help get you more traffic to your website, and you will be looking for a trusted, reliable and capable company to do this. Well, here we are!

We are so good at SEO that we can rank for the keywords “SEO company London” without even being based there – and we out-rank a lot of companies who are based in London and who will be charging a lot more than we do.

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Why We Are The SEO Company For You?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is a very technical service which takes a lot of skill and technical ability to be able to do well. Foamy Media have been established for nearly 5 years and in this time we have worked with countless clients helping them to improve their website’s search ranking positions and most importantly make more money from their website.

We started off as a 1 man business, with no real connections or avenues to generate business, so we focused on getting to the number one spot for “Web design Stoke-on-Trent”. We wanted to do this as we knew that this would bring in a lot of targeted, interested traffic from businesses in the local area who knew they wanted to have a website designed.

Within 5 months we had achieved a top 3 position and out-ranked most of our local competition and gained more and more clients over the coming months. Because of this, we were able to grow the team, expand our services and move offices 3 times.

Our SEO expertise means that we can offer SEO to companies across the UK including companies in London. So if you are based in London or the surrounding areas and are looking for a company to help grow your business we can definitely help.

Why Use An SEO Company Outside Of London?

London is very expensive, and we know that some London SEO companies are charging up to £250+vat per hour, yes per hour, for their services. Now, this may be ok if you are a multi-million-pound business and can afford to spend this kind of money, but if you are not then you may feel you are either being ripped off or priced out.

SEO is a technical skill and should be priced accordingly, which is why you should always be wary of companies offering to do SEO for a tiny amount of money each month. Think to yourself how much work is actually going to happen for the price I am paying – and is it actually worth it?

We are able to offer our SEO services at a reasonable and affordable level which suits our client based in Stoke-on-Trent, but also means that our SEO clients based in London can get a fantastic cost saving vs using an agency in the capital.

We work with several clients in London to help improve their search engine optimisation and it does not really matter where your chosen agency is based geographically as long as the communication flow is in place and works for both parties.

We focus on a heavy amount of client communication, especially with clients who are not based in Stoke. We want to ensure all our London based clients are kept in the loop and know exactly what is happening on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

seo company London

So what can we offer you as an SEO agency?

1. A high quality of work
We pride ourselves in offering a very high quality of work as we want to keep a long-term relationship with our client base. There is no benefit to us of taking short-cuts or overpromising and under-achieving. This does not result in a happy client-agency relationship.

2. Great results
We have been working with lots of different clients in multiple industries and have a 100% record of increasing search engine ranking positions for our clients. We also focus on real ranking improvements which make a real-life difference to a client’s business and sales funnel. We do not focus on achieving a number 1 ranking position for keywords which are irrelevant or nobody searches for. These are false wins and benefit nobody.

3. Focus on end conversions and not just ranking positions
Most good SEO companies can improve your ranking positions however this is only the beginning for us. Once we have improved your search engine ranking positions we are then more focused on improving the conversion rate of the website after it has seen this increase in traffic. There is no point in being number 1 on Google for a search term and generating more traffic if when the visitors arrive on your website they do not convert.

4. Detailed planning and strategy
We set out a detailed SEO plan of attack for each client to meet their individual needs. This SEO plan outlines exactly what needs to be completed within the allocated retained hours each month and the benefits this will have for the client. We focus on achieving the goals which have the biggest business gains first, rather than working on what is easier to achieve so we can show quick results.

5. Analyses, learn and improve
We take a lot of time and effort into analysing what we achieve each month so that we can learn from these gains (or loses) and put a plan in place to maximise the return over the coming months. By looking deeper into the results and the causes of these results we have a much better understanding of how the SEO campaign is working and how it can be optimised further.

What can we do better than if you used an SEO company in London?

There are hundreds if not thousands of SEO companies across the UK, some are really good and some are not. We know we are good at what we do, and we know we can replicate our own personal results for your business too.

This whole article was written and optimised with the sole purpose of gaining traffic from businesses in London searching for “SEO company London”. If you did use this search term and you have read all the way down here, then thank you for that and hopefully, you have realised we know our shit!

The main benefits of using a company like Foamy Media to help with your SEO are:

1. Lower costs than SEO companies in London
Our pricing is not the cheapest, we charge a fair price for what we do, however, we will be cheaper than a similar sized SEO company in London. Our pricing is based on £65+vat per hour with a minimum monthly retainer of 10 hours.

This means our base monthly SEO package price is £650+vat per month and we require a 6-month minimum contract.

Our top-level monthly SEO package is £3640+vat per month and allows for 56 hours, or 8 days of work to be carried out each month.

2. We can still meet face to face to discuss progress
We do not mind still meeting up face to face to discuss the progress of your SEO campaign. We are in London on a regular basis and are looking to open a satellite office in the capital in the coming months to help service the increasing number of SEO clients we have based in London.

If you do not feel a face to face meeting is necessary then we can run video chat meetings which often is a much quicker and easier way to communicate and still get that close client-agency relationship we like to have.

3. We have a lot of experience working with clients across the UK.
As long as we know who your target audience is, the geographical locations you want to target and the keywords you think will bring traffic to your website we can help with your SEO.

We do a lot of research into your business before any SEO campaign would start as we need to know exactly what you do, the industry terms which are used, how people search to find what you do and from which areas they are coming from.

Once we know all these factors it doesn’t matter if you are based in central London, Camden, Tottenham, Fulham or Clapham we will be able to help with your SEO campaign.

seo company London

Local SEO London Optimisation

If you are based in London and do most of your business in your local area then this is great for us as we are very good at “local SEO”. Local SEO is all about getting your business found in your local area by people in your local area.

So if you are a new coffee shop based in Mayfair you would want to rank highly when customers are searching for:

  • coffee shop near me
  • coffee shop Mayfair
  •  Mayfair coffee shop
  • Places to eat and drink Mayfair
  • Takeaway coffee shop

We can help optimise your website for these terms and also look at optimising your search engine map listings too. Being found on the “map pack” is a very important SEO challenge for all local businesses and one we can help with.

The 3 businesses which show up on the local map pack have been chosen by the search engines for a number of reasons. However, we are able to help ensure your business has the best chance of being a part of this map pack when someone searches for your business industry in their local area.

The map pack is designed to show searchers 3 businesses which meet their needs within a short distance of where they are. These businesses may simply be the closest to them, or they may be the 3 businesses who are located near the user but have a fully optimised and active local map listing account.

As part of our local SEO campaigns with clients in London we can make sure your website hits one of these three spaces, and once there you will see a big increase in the number of visitors to your website, phone calls to your business and footfall into your location.

Wow You Are Still Reading?

OK so we are 1739 words into our super optimised article which is trying to rank on the first page of Google for the search term “SEO company London”, are you still reading?

If you are then you must be super excited about working with Foamy Media, either that or you are on the tube and your stop is not for another 30 minutes and you have read all of the Metro already.

Either way, if you are looking for a company to help with your SEO campaign then you really should give us a call. We spent around 2 hours creating this article and it would be a shame if we did not get any work out it.

The next step then is to contact us with your business details, website address and a reason as to why you are looking to engage with an SEO company either in London or outside of London.

Once we know who you are, what you do, the current shape of your website and most importantly the business reasons for looking to grow sales digitally we will be able to discuss this with you and scope out a plan of attack.

Why SEO Really Works

SEO is the best digital marketing investment you can make as it has the longest benefits. A pay per click advertising campaign may work today but when you have spent your budget you stop getting traffic. With an optimised SEO campaign when you hit the first page or the top positions your website will tend to stay there or thereabouts for many months, even years.

This is why SEO should be seen as an investment and not a quick fix. Companies who invest in SEO will see a return on investment typically after 4-6 months. However, this return will last long into the future and will result in the generation of “free” money into your business each and every month.

We worked with a local driveway company based in Stoke-on-Trent for 12 months on a detailed SEO campaign. After this 12 month commitment and an investment of around £8,000, they were in the top 3 positions for every product and service they offered within a 20-mile radius.

12 months after the SEO campaign and contract stopped the company’s website was still on the 1st page of Google for every single search term and this brought in around £150,000 directly through website enquiries – with £0 marketing spend that year!

seo company London

Contact Foamy Media With Your SEO Enquiry

So do you want to improve your website’s SEO and get a tonne of new business through your doors month after month, year after year?

Sure you do!

So why not give us a call on 01782 499399 or send us an email to and our team will respond to take things to the next stage.

This article is now over 2200 words long and is what we call a mini-power-page. The more content you have the more keywords you can add to that content and the higher the article will rank. Google loves long articles as it knows that these articles are not only detailed but will give the visitor the answers to many questions they may have. Plus Google knows that the author has spent a lot of time creating the content and so it must be good and trusted and therefore has a better chance of ranking on the 1st page.

These are the sort of detailed articles we can write for your business on a specific topic or search phrase and are a core part of any SEO strategy.

If you have read every word of this article then please get in touch as there will be a quiz on it when you ring and if you do not get 10/10 then we have to double our fee!

You searched for “SEO company London”, you didn’t find a company in London but you did find a freaking awesome SEO company based just up the West Coast Mainline in sunny Stoke-on-Trent. We are here to help get your website more traffic and more leads, so why not get in touch now to get the ball rolling!

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