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Our 3 step project process

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We enabled a global fitness brand go from start-up to 1,900,000 monthly visitors within 12 months.

Over x20 return on investment so far.

Our Search Engine Optimisation process


We carry out detailed research into our client's business. This includes who they are, what they do, why they do it, who they do it for and why people choose them. Once we have this data it gives us a much fuller overview of the business, which then enables the team to optimise the website and marketing strategies accordingly.


Optimising the website is a core part of any SEO program and this can involve several elements and sub strategies. We will carry out a detailed audit of the website to find any flaws or issues and work to rectify these as soon as possible. A detailed prioritised to-do list is created and the SEO team work to complete these tasks.


Once a section of the website or a part of the strategy has been implemented the performance of these improvements is then monitored to ensure what we have done has made a positive impact. Once we have this data it is then used to further optimise the website to improve results even further.


We report to the client on the progress of all digital marketing and SEO campaigns on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. We do this to keep the client fully in the loop of what is happening and also to get real data back from the client in terms of new sales, orders or enquiries which have been received so we can measure performance.

Further Optimisation

The process is never finished and work is never complete as we can always look to improve areas of the website or target new keywords. Website progress should never stay still there is always a way to increase sales, leads or conversions and this is what we focus on for each client during each campaign. Clients get the best results from long campaigns.

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