How Much Does A Mobile App Actually Cost?

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How Much Does A Mobile App Actually Cost To Develop?

Mobile apps are more and more popular and more and more businesses are coming to Foamy Media enquiring about how much they cost to develop. So we thought we would create this simple pricing guide to enable you to see how much an app could cost and the benefits of having an app for you business.

Your business may need an app for many reasons. It maybe a simple marketing tool where you allow users to get your contact information, read your blog and find out information about your business. Or it maybe an app which takes your paper trial and turns this into a digital trail instead. Or it maybe an app for an online business, who want to sell more products to their customer base.

Whatever the reason for your mobile app request, Foamy Media have the design and developer skills to be able to create a stunning fully native mobile app for iOS and Android operating systems. We have previous experience with an app we launched for ourselves in the App Stores which achieved 2nd highest paid app in the UK. Along with our director having previous experience in setting up a business selling BlackBerry themes where he achieved the number 1 paid app in the App Store and number 1 free app in the App Store.

Small Business Mobile App

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So you are a small business and you want to connect with your customers more, or you want to add value to what you currently offer – well having a branded mobile app is a perfect way to do this.

If you are an accountant you may want an app which allows your clients to easily work out costs +vat, or have a self assessment tax calculator, or even allow them to scan invoices and send them to you rather than you having lots of paper receipts to process.

You maybe in the beauty industry and you want to allow customers to book appointments with you via an app. This can be done by either linking to your current booking system or by having a new one developed. Having an app where customers can book an appointment with you 24/7 saves you time on admin and allows customers to easily pick and choose a time to suit them.

If you are a business to consumer based business then a mobile app to allow customers to read your blog, or be sent news updates is a great way to keep them loyal and informed about what you are doing.

Price Range: £1500 – £5000 per operating system (iOS or Android)

Turnaround Time: 4-12 weeks


Woocommerce Store Mobile Apps

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If you currently have a Woocommerce online store then we can create you a dedicated mobile app which allows customers to browse your products and buy from you direct without having to go to your website.

We can connect your online store into our app framework which will allow customers to browse, buy and manage their online accounts with you from their phones much easier than they can from the website. Allowing customers to have your brand on their phone increases the amount of money they will spend with your store and also increases the number of times they will buy from you, as they have your logo on their screen every time they look at their phone.

We can make a fully native shopping experience which will increase your sales by up to 300%.

Price Range: £3000 – £5000 per operating system (iOS or Android)

Turnaround Time: 4-12 weeks


Paper To Digital Mobile Apps

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Does your business use a lot of paper to record data and then this is manually added to an online system? Or do you simply keep hundreds of pieces of paper in filling cabinets?

We can create a bespoke app for your business which allows your team to get rid of paper and do everything via a mobile app. The benefit of this is that there are less chances for mistakes, less user error and less chance of things being lost or thrown away.

We can also create a cloud based portal where all this data is sent to so your team can view and report on the information wherever they are in the world.

Moving from paper to digital is essential and now is the time to do it.

Price Range: £3000 – £9000 per operating system (iOS or Android)

Turnaround Time: 8-16 weeks


So if you are looking to have a new mobile app for your business, then you have come to the right place – simply give us a call on 01782 499399 to discuss your needs and we can arrange a meeting to give you more details and accurate pricing.

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