Google Introduces New Mobile Pagination To Search Results

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Google Changes Mobile Pagination From Page Numbers To Load More Results Button


A recent google search on mobile by the Foamy team brought something new to our attention, which maybe a new feature or maybe something in testing from Google.

As you can see from the image Google is now removing the page1, page 2, page 3 navigation and moving to a more mobile friendly “more results” button.

Clicking on this button loads more results on the same page underneath the other search results and this is very interesting from an SEO point of view.

Having a “more results” button is more tempting to click as it removes the stigma of going to page 2 or 3 and therefore websites which rank on page 2 or lower may start to get more clicks from mobile users as they suddenly become part of page 1.

This is an interesting move from Google who want to offer more results to mobile users and keep them using the service, so we will monitor how this affects the click through rates of some of our clients lower ranking keywords on mobile devices.

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