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Free – Yes Free – Website Development Offer

Foamy Media are offering companies the chance to have a free website design and website redesign worth up to the value of £2500+vat!

What is the catch?

No catch really, but more of a benefit….

How Does It Work?

  • We can create and design a website for your business up to the value of £2500
  • We design and build this to a bespoke layout to your exact specifications, we don’t use templates or shortcuts
  • We go through the whole website design process as normal you are not getting short changed here
  • Then once the site is live we then provide you with a 14 hour website maintenance and marketing support plan
  • This plan called “Foamy Assist Pro” costs £450+vat per month and we require a 12 month commitment to this plan
  • This plan allows us to work on your website’s SEO, carry out conversion rate optimisation, create email marketing campaigns, manage your social media accounts, do graphic design work or anything else you require each month
  • The benefit of this plan is that you have a website that is constantly updates and maintained and will not only achieve higher search rankings, but will get more traffic which will result in more leads and sales for you and most importantly bring in a higher return on investment
  • Once the 12 month period is over you will own the website and you can cancel the plan if you wish, however as we will have achieved such great results you would be silly to do this 🙂


Why Do I Need This Package?

If you are looking to have a website developed by a company there are lots to choose from and most will do a good job, however having the website made is just the first step on a long complex journey into the digital world.

People will not simply just find your new website as it will most likely be on page 50 of Google straightaway, so you need to do work to promote it, gain traffic, create a buzz and create trust with the search engines – who will then start to rank your website higher and higher and this increases.

We have launched so many websites for people who then do nothing themselves to promote it and wonder why the website is not bringing them in more business.

We can not magic up traffic or leads from your website if you do not pay us to do this, having a website doesn’t mean you will get business. But having a website which is optimised, updated, maintained and performs above and beyond your competitors will bring you in more business!

Ok I’m Interested What Next?

OK so you are interested in this special offer, that is great – but we can only offer this until the end of February 2018.

So please contact us on 01782 499399 if you like to learn more, we can arrange a meeting to discuss the offering further and get the ball rolling.

If you want to view our recent work please check out our case studies so you can see the sort of website your business could have created.

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