Phoenix Gas Services

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Phoenix Gas Services

Custom WordPress Development

Phoenix Gas Services

Phoenix Gas Services’ old website design was very cluttered, complicated to use and had very small text which made it difficult for users to convert. So the Foamy team redesigned and developed the website to be super clean, modern, easy to use with a focus on leading visitors through the site to one of the numerous call to actions.

The new website features a bespoke WordPress theme designed and developed by the Foamy team in-house, and has a clear focus on giving users the information they need quickly and easily and then leading them to either complete a contact form or call Phoenix Gas Services to book one of their products.


Focus On Mobile Conversions

Phoenix Gas Services

As more and more users browse the website on mobile devices the new website had to be super quick and easy to use and this is what we achieved. A clean and simple top area makes it very easy to get to the menu, and once they open the menu it only has a handful options so there is less room for confusion.

The website has been designed to ensure all text, headings and contact forms are very easy to read and use on mobile devices and this is already resulting in an increase in conversions through the site.

Search Engine Optimisation


Our in house SEO team have been working with Phoenix Gas Services over the last 6 months or so on improving their search engine rankings and this is resulting in a big improvement in relation to ranking positions and an increase in organic traffic to the site. The team have achieved great results with around 70% of all the keywords we monitor on the 1st page of Google, and over 80% on the top 3 pages.


Social Media Marketing


Our social media team have been working with Phoenix Gas Services on their social media marketing over the past 6 months and have drastically increased the local brand awareness of the business and attracted hundreds of new website visitors. By creating and posting regular, interesting content we have been able to improve brand awareness, brand loyalty and user interactions with the Facebook and Twitter pages, and this is resulting in new business being generated.

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