Mick’s Mini Skips

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Mick’s Mini Skips

Mick’s Mini Skips is a local waste collection and removal company based in Stoke-on-Trent who came to Foamy Media looking for a web presence to help promote their new company. We wanted to create something more interesting and unique and to help set Mick apart from all the other waste companies in the area; and this was done with the use of bespoke illustrations.

Bespoke Illustrations

mick's mini skips

These illustrations were used on the website to bring a sense of fun and to enhance the friendly personality of the company. Our designer Foamy Sarah created these using Illustrator and are used across the website and their marketing material. mick's mini skips

Bespoke Website Design & Development

mick's mini skips The website is simple in its design and build however it was built for speed and ease of use, and is one of the fastest loading websites we have created and gets one of the best Google Page Speed scores too.

Mobile Optimised

mick's mini skips Ensuring the website is mobile optimised was essential for Mick’s Mini Skips and during the website build we ensured mobile users could quickly and easily find all the information they required and could contact the company or book a skip online super easily. We added a ‘like us on Facebook’ fixed footer to the mobile site to encourage visitors to like Mick’s company Facebook page, and this has resulted in over 670 people following the page.

Search Engine Optimisation

mick's mini skips We have been working on improving the website rankings for over a year since the site launched and we have had massive success. We have been tracking over 180 keywords in our SEO tracking software and out of these terms nearly 50 are at position 1 on Google and over 90% of the keywords are on the first page. These results have brought in thousands of visitors to the site each month and has brought in a large percentage of the companies business over the past year.

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