17 Woocommerce Plugins To Increase Conversion Rate (2018)

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Top 17 Woocommerce Plugins To Increase Conversion Rate

Woocommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world and powers over 560,000 live websites. Because of this there are hundreds of add-ons and plugins to improve on the basic functionality it comes with out the box.

We use WordPress and Woocommerce for all the online store builds at Foamy HQ as we know it is stable, secure, easy to use and there is always a plugin for something your client needs.

Here we will run through the top 17 plugins to help increase your websites conversion rate.

How To Measure Your Store’s Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is a very important metric to measure if you have an online store, as you need to know you are selling the right amount of products for the amount of traffic you receive.

General rule of thumb is an online store should aim for a 3% conversion rate. You may have a higher rate, or you may have a lower rate – it does vary from store to store and industry to industry.

However if you increase your conversion rate by only 1% you can add an extra 25% of sales to your bottom line, so getting this rate to improve is critical to increasing your sales.

If you have 100 people to your store and you sell 3 items you have a conversion rate of 3%. So if  you increase your conversion rate by 1% you will sell 1 extra item for every 100 visitors!


1. Woocommerce Sale Flash Pro

Sale Flash Pro

Woocommerce sale flash pro enables you to customise the “on sale” badge with more detail.

You can add the percentage of sale discount or the exact discount amount.

This plugin make bargains easy to find by telling the viewer exactly how much of a saving they could make on any given product.

Being able to see the discount as a percentage or exact number makes it easier to understand and work out how good, or bad, a deal is. This will help increase conversion rate of products which are on sale.

Price: $49 1 site / $79 5 sites / $149 25 sites


2. Woocommerce WPML

WPML for WooCommerce

Woocommerce WPML enables you to translate any kind of product, set prices in different currencies and allows customers to choose which language to view the website in.

This plugin is great if you have a global audience and want to increase sales to non-english speaking countries.

Being able to view the product descriptions in their own language and purchase items in their own currency will help increase overseas orders dramatically.

Price: $29


3. Stripe Checkout For Woocommerce


Stripe is a card processing provider with a similar feel to PayPal, in the fact it is quick and easy to register and you can get selling within an hour.

Stripe is free to add to your Woocommerce website and can be setup without any code knowledge.

Stripe also offers Apple Pay and Google Pay and a really nice and easy to use dashboard for managing your orders.

Adding credit and debit card payment options at your checkout makes your business look more professional and adds an extra layer of trust to your store. Plus 99% of people have either a debit or credit card so there is no barrier to purchasing by using this integration.

Price: Free


4. Woocommerce Review For Discount

Review for Discount

Reviews play a big part in helping increase sales and your conversion rate, as people like to know what they are buying is a trusted and well loved product. However getting customer to leave a review can be hard and this is why most stores do not have many reviews.

This plugin allows you to email customers automatically after they leave you a review with a discount coupon, which can be redeemed on their next purchase.

This is a great way to reward your customers who leave a review, and also tempt a much higher percentage of people to leave a review in the first place.

You can promote the offer on your website thank you for your order page, or on social media to get even more reviews.

Price: $29 1 site / $49 5 sites / $99 25 sites


5. Woocommerce Follow Up Emails

follow up emails

The Woocommerce follow up email plugin is a very powerful and complex plugin which allows you to email your customers in very specific ways.

By using this plugin you can email customers with discount coupons for their next purchase, send scheduled emails “x” number of days after their purchase asking to leave a review or even send the user a tweet.

By communicating with your customers after the purchase you increase the loyalty rate and repeat purchase rate too. The plugin also allows for cart abandonment emails to be sent to customers who don not complete their order – grabbing back those lost sales.

The plugin offers dozens of options and would be a blog post in its own right, so why not click the link and read the docs to find out exactly what it can offer.

Price:  $99 1 site / $149 5 sites / £249 25 sites


6. Woocommerce Cart Notices

woo cart notices

Woocommerce cart notices is a neat plugin which allows you to set custom messages to your customers when they are in their cart or at the checkout.

These messages could encourage them to checkout faster to get next day delivery. Or it could recommend they spend “x” amount more to get free shipping.

These subtle cart notices subliminally encourage your customers to complete extra actions they may not have thought off, such as up-sells or cross-sells.

Ensuring your customers complete the checkout process as quickly as possible is essential to helping increasing conversion rate, and this plugin helps with this for a small price.

Price: $49 1 site / $99 5 sites / $149 25 sites


7. Woocommerce Cart Add-ons

Cart Add-ons

Woocommerce allows for cart up-sells and cross-sells by default, however this plugin extends this and allows for a global up-sell no matter what item they purchase.

Most store owners want to get the customer to the checkout process as quickly as possible. However, studies shows show that placing recommendations in the cart have garnered higher conversions versus carts that don’t have recommendations in their cart.

This plugin extends the concept of up-sales and cross-sells at the product level, and engages your customer at the moment they are most likely to increase their spending.

Price: $29 1 site / $59 5 sites / $99 25 sites


8. Woocommerce Product Finder

Product Finder

The WooCommerce Product Finder extension allows your users to search your site more thoroughly by giving them the ability to add an in-depth advanced search form to your site.

With this extended search form you can make it easier for your customers to find your products, which will in turn help increase sales.

If you have a complex store with thousands of products and you are struggling to get visitors to find what they are looking for then this plugin is for you.

The Woocommerce search can be extended and improved with this plugin.

Price: $79 1 site / $99 5 sites / $199 25 sites


9. Woocommerce Wishlist

woo Wishlist

Woocommerce Wishlist is a great way to capture extra sales from customers as they have the ability to save the product to their account and then purchase at a later date.

The plugin also allows customers to build up a Wishlist and then share this with friends and family for occasions such as weddings or birthdays.

The Wishlist functionality allows customers to build a list of items they want to purchase or have gifted to them, which is great for online stores as it takes the work away from finding a present and guests can simply buy something off the list!

Price: $79 1 site / $99 5 sites / $199 25 sites


10. Woocommerce Pre-Orders

woocommerce pre orders

If you have a product which you want to sell but you do not have the stock yet, then offering pre-orders is a great way to bring in revenue on the run up to a product launch.

The plugin allows customers to buy products early and reserve the product. This is great for items such as DVDs which are not yet available, or clothes ranges for the forth-coming season.

The Woocommerce Pre-Orders plugin is expensive but gives great returns as it avoids cart abandonment as there is no barrier to purchase.

You can also specify if you want to charge the customer up-front or upon release which offers great flexibility for the store and customer.

Price: $129 1 site / $199 5 sites / $299 25 sites


11. Woocommerce Postcode / Address Validation


Saving customers time and effort when they are checking out is vital to ensure you do not have a high checkout drop off rate. This postcode and address lookup plugin does just that and allows you to easily add address verification, auto-complete, or postcode lookup to your WooCommerce checkout.

Postcode / Address Validation will simplify your checkout process and improve order address quality by having your customer validate or lookup their address during checkout.

The plugin may require additional subscription to postcode look-up services, but is well worth it as we all know how annoying it is to fill in our address, so anything to speed this up is always welcome.

Price: $49 1 site / $99 5 sites / $149 25 sites


12. Woocommerce Instagram

woocommerce instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and it is becoming even more useful for online stores to promote their products.

This Woocommerce Instagram plugin allows you to showcase customer photos on your website by tapping into specific hashtags.

You can promote this social sharing at the checkout, and why not create a unique hashtag that can be used by customers when they post their pictures.

Showing real customer photos is a great way to build trust and create desirability into your product range.

Price: $29 1 site / $79 5 sites / $129 25 sites


13. Woocommerce Checkout Add-ons

woocommerce add ons

Woocommerce checkout add-ons is a great way to make extra money from your customers by offering additional services or products they may want.

Examples of this is gift wrapping, personalisation or even speedier shipping.

So if you want to get a few extra bucks from your customers, without putting them off from buying, then the checkout add-on plugin is a great way to do it.

If you can capture an extra £5 from 10% if your customers you can increase your sales quickly and easily for minimal effort and expenditure.

Price: $49 1 site / $99 5 sites / $149 25 sites


14. Woocommerce Social Login

Woocommerce social login

Creating an account is not the hardest job in the world but it is annoying and a lot of people do not like or want to do it. However without an account with an online store you miss out on seeing your order history, order progress and you have to enter your shipping details at the checkout each time you want to buy.

You can streamline this process by allowing social login. This social login can be positioned on the thank you for your order page, which will encourage people who checkout out as a guest to now easily and quickly create an account.

The plugin works with all major social media networks and is a great way to increase checkout conversions as it makes the whole process much smoother. Plus the user doesn’t need to remember the specific password they used for your store, they can simply login with their social media account.

Customers like and know about this method of logging to websites and trust it more than username and passwords in some instances.

Price: $79 1 site / $129 5 sites / $179 25 sites


15. Woocommerce 1 Page Checkout

one page checkout

The Woocommerce 1 page checkout allows you to create a fast and effortless process where you can showcase your product and allow the customer to checkout directly on the page.

This is great if you are selling 1 product on your website and so not want to have the cumbersome regular checkout process. It works great for landing pages also where you can direct people to your store from a pay per click campaign and allow them to view the product and checkout without having to leave the page.

This simple plugin offers a wide range of options and customisation to suit all needs and works with variable and simple products along with digital downloads too.

Ensuring customers can view the products and checkout as fast as possible is one sure fire way to increase sales and your conversion rate.

Price: $79 1 site / £129 5 sites / $199 25 sites


16. Woocommerce Order Delivery Date

Woocommerce order delivery date

Make it easy for customers to choose a delivery date for their orders during the checkout process, or notify them of shipping and delivery estimated dates.

This plugin allows you to give customers the option as to when they have their item delivered, and this really helps with increasing your conversion rate as it puts the power into the customer hands.

If a customer knows they want the item on a specific date and they can choose this option at the checkout then they are much more likely to purchase. Knowing when an item is being delivered is a great help for customers, especially if the item is large and they will have to wait in for the delivery truck to arrive.

Capturing the delivery date, you can also process orders more efficiently, improving your productivity and satisfying your customers.

Price: $129 1 site / $179 5 sites / $229 25 sites


17. Woocommerce Add To Cart Redirect

woocommerce cart redirect

Getting people to the checkout as fast as possible is the best way to increase conversion rate of your store. If you run a store where customers only need to buy 1 item then allowing them to add this to their basket and go straight to the checkout is a great way to make things easier and quicker for the customer.

You can also use this plugin to redirect the customer to a specific page or product rather than the checkout, so you can create a whole new shopping process. Maybe they add the 1st item to their cart and then get sent to a page where they choose further options such as insurance policies or add-ons.

This plugin is a low cost way to increase speed and efficiency of the ordering process and we highly recommend it.

Price: $29 1 site / $79 5 sites / $129 25 sites


Help With Installation & Setup

If you like the look of any of these plugins then click the links above and purchase the plugin from the official Woocommerce store.

When you purchase from the official store you receive professional help and support on how to get your plugin working.

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