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Who Are Foamy Media?

Web Design Company Staffordshire

Foamy Media are Web Design company based in Staffordshire. We have created hundreds of website design projects for clients across the Staffordshire area along with websites for clients in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.

We have recently been acquired by Red Box Web Design, who is an established Staffordshire based web company offering an amazing All-Inclusive Pay Monthly website package that gives you a professional website with all the features you could possibly need for just £149+VAT per month, with no setup costs. To find out more, please visit the Red Box All-In page of their website.

Choosing the right web design company can be a very hard and stressful job for any business, as you want to ensure you are hiring the right agency to help accomplish your dreams and ideas. Luckily Foamy Media work in a different way to other web design companies in Staffordshire. We are perfectly placed to be able to not only design, develop and launch a brand new website for your business, but most importantly market the site. Our growth driven design process enables us to bring in new leads and sales each and every week once your new website has been launched.

web design stoke on trent

There are hundreds of companies across the UK who can design and develop a beautiful looking website for your business, however not many think about how this new website will directly impact your bottom line. Far too often both web design companies and clients are too focused on how the website will look and this often distracts from the main reason of having a new website designed in the first place – to bring in leads and sales for your business.

If you think as your business’ website as the number one online marketing tool which when done correctly will bring in lots of new leads and sales each year, then you get a much bigger return on your investment. By just wanting a new website to be all shiny and pretty but not really thinking or caring about the actual end goals and strategy you are simply buying a shiny object. This shiny object then sits on a server looking pretty but not really doing much. A bit like buying a Ferrari but never actually taking it out for a drive.

Our Point Of Difference

So what do we do differently at Foamy Media than other web design companies in Stoke-on-Trent? Our website design, development and marketing strategy is based on a pay monthly web design model and is proven to make a much bigger return on investment than the traditional website design model where you pay thousands up front for your website. We make sure that:

1. Research and strategy

Firstly we take time getting to know your business, how it works, what you are looking to achieve over the coming 12 months and how a new website can be a key part of this growth. Only when we have a full understanding of your business and its goals can we begin to design and plan how the website will look, feel and function.

Too often this process is either done very quickly or skipped all together. However, we have learnt that doing this process poorly, or not at all always delivers a poor end product for both the client and end user.

2. Initial design

Once we have all the information we require to design and build your new website project then we are able to start on the initial site design. This initial design will be a graphical representation of what your website will look like. Creating it as a graphic at this early stage allows us to make changes quickly, without needing to edit code.

web design stoke on trent

3. Continuous growth and development

A website should never stay still. We have changed our own website 5 times in the last 12 months and we have done this as we need to react and adapt to how our website visitors interact with our brand and messages. If we kept the website exactly the same over this time period we would not be meeting the needs of our visitors and as such missing out on new potential clients.

Keeping your website fresh, adding in new functionality when it is needed, reacting to market changes and optimising the site content and design based on real facts and data ensures the site becomes a much more effective online sales tool. With our All-Inclusive pay monthly package, you get regular updates included so your website can continue to grow and evolve with your business.

Invest In Your Website, Don’t See It As A Cost

Your website should be an investment and not simply a cost you have to pay to get it to launch. The first question we get asked by potential clients is “how much does a website cost?”. Often this question is there to simply seek out the best prices from companies and the potential client simply wants the cheapest website they can get and has not thought about what the actual purpose of the website is – they just want it to look a bit nicer than it does now.

These are not the type of clients that we work with and we often do not even engage with them. We are looking to work with clients whose first question is “I am looking to have my website re-designed as am looking to grow the business, can you help?”

This is the perfect question for us as the client has already engaged with the idea that their website should be making their business money and they want to look at achieving this and improving on the level of growth they currently have.

Website should increase profits not be a cost.

If you see your business website as a very important sales tool, then you will get much more business out of it. We know this from work with have done with our clients over the years.

If you invest more money in marketing and growing your website with new features, new technologies, new marketing techniques, improved SEO performance or redevelopment to better achieve your goals based on real facts and data – you will see a massive improvement in the level of leads coming into the business.

Proven Results

This is clear to see via the monthly traffic reports we collate for all our website design projects.

The clients who get the most amount of traffic, in some cases several thousand people per month are exclusively the clients who have invested in their websites. It is a simple proven fact – the websites with the highest level of traffic are for the clients who invest in their ongoing marketing – no exceptions to the rule!

11 Reasons to Hire Foamy Media For Your Web Design Project!

We are the only company you need to speak to when looking for an agency to help with your new website or marketing project and we have some very good reasons to back this up.

  1. Growth driven design practices ensure every client makes a return on their investment
  2. The end result is much more tailored and bespoke to your business goals and not just a nice redesign
  3. We work with you and integrate with your current team to ensure we are all on the same page
  4. We want to make you more money from what we do – the more money you make the more money you have to spend with us!
  5. When you win, we win. We have more successful clients to tell potential clients about which helps grow our business
  6. We can deliver the goods quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality
  7. We want to get your website completed quickly within 8 weeks so you can start earning money much quicker.
  8. We plan and execute a bespoke plan of online growth for your business which offers much more than just doing some “SEO”. We find many website design & marketing projects are let down by poor judgment and little planning. So we decide to go deeper to get better results.
  9. You can have everything and anything you want or need for the website as the small incremental improvements are made each month. So nothing is off limits or too much work.
  10. You pay a monthly fee for your website and any additional marketing services so no big up front costs.
  11. We are a nice bunch of people, who are dedicated, talented and driven in what we do. We love nothing better than the satisfaction we get in seeing our work directly impact our clients for the better.

OK, where do I sign up?

Ok so you have read this whole section, wow you must be really dedicated as, to be honest, we only wrote this 1500 word essay for SEO purposes so thanks for staying with us.

If you are interested in seeing what Foamy Media can do for your business then please get in touch using the form below.

We know we can improve your company’s website using the growth driven design strategies we use, so we look forward to meeting with you soon! Making sure your website design project is executed correctly is paramount correctly is vital to the success.

Why Did We Write All This Stuff?

The above article not including any words beyond this point is 1700 strong and we wrote this for a very simple reason – improve our SEO rankings.

By having a lot of content on a web page with lots of keywords scattered throughout the article we can hopefully increase our search engine ranking positions for these keywords. So for example in this article, we are looking to rank highly for “Web design Stoke-on-Trent” as this is the most searched for phrase by companies in Stoke-on-Trent looking to hire a web design company.

So by having a bigger better article on this subject we can hopefully out-rank our competition and be the number 1 company on Google for this search term. This will then bring us in more traffic and hopefully more leads.

This is part of our own on-going growth driven design strategy we are implementing over the next 6 months. A fresh look of web design. The first part of this strategy was to redesign and develop our own website to better explain and showcase our new services and offerings. The second part of the strategy is to then bring in as much traffic as possible. The third phase is to then monitor and analyse this traffic to ensure they are completing the goals we set out.

Our main goals are to

  1. Rank in the top 3 positions for range of search terms
  2. Bring in increased level of traffic
  3. Funnel this traffic down the content path we set out
  4. Get more enquiries from the traffic
  5. Seal more deals as a result

So as part of a growth driven design project for a client we may implement the same or similar strategy with the overall goal of getting more leads for them. This could include

  1. Discover areas of the business the company wishes to grow
  2. Research how this maybe possible using digital marketing
  3. Create bespoke strategy plan for the client over a given time period
  4. Implement the website design / marketing plan
  5. Analyse the results over period of time
  6. Optimise the strategy to further meet or exceed the goals
  7. Review the strategy at the end of the cycle
  8. Plan for the next stage of continuous development

We have provided website design and digital marketing projects for clients in cities such as Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Oxford, Stafford and many other places across United Kingdom.

If this sounds like something your business wants to get involved with then get in touch with our website design team to learn more! One of our web design experts will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have about web design process and how we can help you.